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Tilt Top Overbed Tables (3 Items)


Pivot and Tilt Adjustable...

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The pivot feature allows the table top to be positioned closer to individuals in a bed, sitting in a wheelchair, or folded for storage. The mast of the table pivots and can be locked in one of the three positions from flat on the floor to 90-degrees. New...

Tilt Top Overbed Table

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Easily assembled. Top can be tilted 33-degrees in either direction. Top can be raised or lowered in infinite settings between 29.5"- 46". Swivel casters allow for easy maneuverability. Chrome-plated steel "H" base provides security and stability. Tabletop...

Multi-Purpose Tilt-Top...

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Features two table surfaces; a larger one that tilts in either direction and a smaller one that stays securely in place. Easily assembled. Walnut, wood grain low-pressure laminate top. Tops can be raised or lowered in infinite settings between 30"-46"....
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