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Universal Suction Machine...

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800cc disposable suction canister kit. 10" tubing, elbow connector, 72" suction tubing. Includes hydrophobic filter

Universal Suction Machine...

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The new and improved tubing and filter kit now has a universal connection elbow that directly attaches the canister to the filter. 10" soft flexible medical grade silicon suction tubing, 72" suction tubing with blue tip, universal suction canister elbow....

Suction Machine Carry Bag

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Comes with an adjustable carry strap. Designed to carry and store suction machines. Has a zippered cover to conceal the suction machine and its accessories. Made of durable, lightweight, easy-to-clean nylon. Universal size; can accommodate all Drive suction...

Disposable Suction...

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800cc disposable suction canister. Raised and etched cc increments. Lid comes with auto shut-off float valve. Universal ports and size for use with most suction machines
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