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Model 45 Nebulizer

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Hand-held spray nebulizer delivers aerosol particles of uniformly consistent density deep into the lungs. The break-resistant nebulizer easily disassembles for sterilization. Used for treatment of asthmatic patients. Designed for comfortable administration...

Model 119 Powder Blower

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General-purpose insufflator can be used for decubitus ulcer treatments, debridement of wounds, and wound cleansing. Ideal for applying an even diffusion of any powder to nose, throat, ear, tooth sockets, body orifice, and surfaces. Curved spray tube for...

Model 151 Atomizer

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This 1.4 ounce capacity atomizer produces a fine mist that is ideal for nose and throat treatments, decubitus ulcer care, and wound cleansing. Designed for use with aqueous solutions. Precise control and application of topical anesthetics. All types of oil...

Model 175 Powder Blower

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Glass powder blower provides even diffusion of powders to the ear, nose, throat and other body cavities.

Model 177 Irrigation Syringe

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Small, malleable tube permits deep, yet painless introduction into external ear canal. Regulate flow by placing finger over small hole in head of instrument; if air pressure is 20 psi or under, then stream will stop when finger is removed

Model 180 Nebulizer

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Very practical nebulizer for use where vapor instead of spray is indicated for treatment of sensitive nasal cases. Specially suited for solution with oil or glycerin base medications. Good for deep-seated conditions of lower respiratory tract or very...

Model 624 Professional...

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A convenient holder for DeVilbiss professional instruments. Handmade, walnut wood, four-hole rack for office use

Model 646 Nebulizer

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Designed for comfortable administration of fine mists of uniform density to reach deep into lung capacity. Unique "T" piece allows patient to leave nebulizer in mouth while exhaling. Attaches to aerosol face mask or face tent and can be hand operated or...

Model 15-RD Atomizer

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Metal atomizer with adjustable tip for directing spray up or down to reach inaccessible areas of the throat. Can be used with or without nasal guard. Used for nose and throat treatment. Oil or water solutions can be used that are compatible with nickel plating
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